Welcome to the Carpet Land online store 
Before you start shopping, here are some tips to make your new carpet fulfill your vision for the perfect room, or achieve a quick renewal with less effort.

Choose colors suitable for the room

Your new carpet can add harmony to the room's colors, or contrast to clarify the color of a specific piece, and it remains essential to determine the desired color shades before purchasing.

Choose a carpet that increases the beauty of the room

When choosing the right carpet, you must think about the rest of the room’s decor and pieces, for a room full of details we recommend that you beautify it with a plain carpet, and a simple room can be furnished with a noisy design carpet that adds new life to it.

Select the right size

The carpet, if it is smaller or larger than necessary, will give a strange impression to the room, so measuring the dimensions of the room before purchasing the carpet is essential

Choose the right shape for the carpet

A round dining or coffee table is recommended to be placed on a round rug, and a rectangular one on a rectangular carpet, and so on